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For your convenience, we have prepared a list of short domain names to link to sub-sections of this site. Since the range of content of this site is broad, you may simply access the section you want using the following shortcut domain names:


Shortcut URL Section Initial URL
www.metaldata.com Data Bank www.metalpass.com/metalpass/databank.aspx
www.flowstress.com Flow Stress www.metalpass.com/flowstress
www.rollpass.com Roll Design, Roll Pass www.metalpass.com/rolldesign
www.metaldir.com Metal Directory www.metalpass.com/metaldir
www.metalbooks (Metal) Books www.metalpass.com/market/books.aspx

Satellite Sites


This website (metalpass.com) will soon be surrounded by about 200 satellite websites to greatly increase its rank and popularity. Nearly 100 satellite websites have been finished, while the remaining are on their way. The satellite sites are based on about 200 domain names Metal Pass LLC owns. Some examples are listed below:

URL Name Local Path
www.alloynetwork.com Alloy Network www.metalpass.com/alloynetwork
www.emetaltech.com Metal Tech www.metalpass.com/emetaltech
www.metal1.com Metal 1 www.metalpass.com/metal1
www.metalad.com Metal Advertisement www.metalpass.com/metalad
www.metalave.com Metal Avenue www.metalpass.com/metalave
www.metalavenue.com Metal Avenue www.metalpass.com/metalavenue
www.metalbiz.net Metal Biz www.metalpass.com/metalbiz
www.metalbiznet.com Metal Biz Net www.metalpass.com/metalbiznet
www.metalcae.com Metal CAE www.metalpass.com/metalcae
www.metalctr.com Metal Center www.metalpass.com/metalctr
www.metaldb.com Metal Database www.metalpass.com/metaldb
www.metalnets.com Metal Nets www.metalpass.com/metalnets
www.metalprod.com Metal Products www.metalpass.com/metalprod
www.metalrd.com Metal R&D www.metalpass.com/metalrd
www.MillCAD.com MillCAD www.metalpass.com/MillCAD
www.MillCAE.com MillCAE www.metalpass.com/MillCAE
www.millcim.com Mill CIM www.metalpass.com/millcim
www.millequip.com Metal Equipment www.metalpass.com/millequip
www.millmodel.com Mill Model www.metalpass.com/millmodel
www.steelmillnet.com Steel Mill Net www.metalpass.com/steelmillnet
www.yieldstress.com Yield Stress www.metalpass.com/yieldstress
www.SteelCIM.com Steel CIM www.metalpass.com/SteelCIM
www.steelctr.com Steel Center www.metalpass.com/steelctr
www.steeldir.com Steel Directory www.metalpass.com/steeldir
www.steelrd.com Steel R&D www.metalpass.com/steelrd
www.thecae.com The CAE www.metalpass.com/thecae
www.theFEM.com The FEM www.metalpass.com/theFEM
www.steelknowhow.com Steel Knowhow www.metalpass.com/steelknowhow
www.metalgrades.com Metal Grades www.metalpass.com/metalgrades
www.metaldictionary.com Metal Dictionary www.metalpass.com/metaldictionary
www.metalknowhow.com Metal Knowhow www.metalpass.com/metalknowhow
www.metalpublication.com Metal Publication www.metalpass.com/metalpublication
www.metalpublications.com Metal publications www.metalpass.com/metalpublications
www.MetalGermany.com Metal Germany www.metalpass.com/MetalGermany
www.metalglossary.com Metal glossary www.metalpass.com/metalglossary
www.metallurgynet.com Metallurgy Net www.metalpass.com/metallurgynet
www.metalmarketnet.com Metalmarketnet www.metalpass.com/metalmarketnet
www.metaltechnet.com Metal Technet www.metalpass.com/metaltechnet



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