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Your banner advertisement on www.metalpass.com  is a great way to reach the people who are working to shape the global metal industry. The table below shows the specification of your banners, location to place them as well as the cost your banner advertisement.

Location Banner Size

Current Monthly Cost per Ad unit
(Traffic factor=2)

Header, main page 468 x 60 pixels; 234 x 60 pixels


Header, general page 468 x 60 pixels; 234 x 60 pixels


Right column, main page Width 120 pixels max. (In special case, 126 pixels max.); Height <360 pixels preferred.


Right column, general page Width 120 pixels max. (In special case, 126 pixels max.); Height <360 pixels preferred.


Left column, general page Width 144 pixels max.; Height 144 pixels max. (could be higher in special case)


Lower position in the middle page 468 x 60 pixels; 234 x 60 pixels ( will be displayed in pair)


Note:   Cost in the table above is based on a traffic factor of 2. This is the current value of the traffic factor.

  • 1 Ad unit is an equivalence of the Ad with 100x100 pixels in size. So a 468 x 60 pixels banner has 4.68 x 0.6  = 2.8 Ad units.
  • Traffic factor reflects the degree of traffic per day. In the low traffic range, a traffic factor 1 is corresponding to site traffic of 100 visitor sessions per day; in a high traffic range, however, 1 traffic factor is related to the traffic more than 100 visitor sessions per day.
  • Cost for an Ad is calculated with:    Cost = Number of Ad units x Traffic factor x Unit cost
    (Unit cost is the cost per traffic factor per Ad unit).
  • If the size of the 100x100 pixels is more than 5000 byte, extra Ad units may be added.

This is a very dynamic website and the traffic increases every day. However, we only use the traffic factor at the time you place your order or renew your order to calculate your cost.

Please contact us for advertisement:

Email:  admin@metalpass.com



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