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Recent Publications of Metal Pass (February-March 2008)


Li, B.:  Evaluation of various procedures in predicting of spread during wire rod rolling.

Abstract/Contents: Around ten frequently used procedures in predicting spread (width change) during steel wire rod rolling were introduced. Comparisons with the lab mill data and plant measurement were carried out for model verification.
Total pages: 100


Li, B.: Calculation of roll separating force during hot rolling.

Abstract/Contents: A unique form for prediction of roll separating force has been developed for various rolling processes (flat rolling and shape rolling in various pass sequences). This model describes three primary parameters: Mean Flow Stress, Shape Factor and Projective Contact Area.
Total pages: 10

4 Li, B.: Heat transfer and temperature determination during hot rolling of steel wire rod.

Abstract/Contents: Major heat transfer forms in every stage of steel hot rolling were discussed, and on this basis the procedure to determine temperature in each rolling stage is proposed.
Total pages: 6
5 Li, B.: Procedure to calculate roll separating force and rolling torque for high speed wire rod rolling.

Abstract/Contents: A procedure to calculate roll separating force and rolling torque for high speed wire rod rolling is introduced. This includes models for flow stress, roll separating force and torque. The case covers the rolling speed up to over 100 m/s.
Total pages: 10

Li, B.:  Theory and Practice of Modern Roll Pass Design.

Abstract/Contents: This report provides detailed coverage on the roll pass design theory and modern pass practice. In particular, it summarizes the research results in recent years on the roll pass design.
Total pages: 100

7 Friction and Its Modeling in the Rolling Processes (20 pages)

Introduction: This document, as a portion of the Chapter "Metal Forming Fundamentals", covers the technical fundamentals and the modeling of the friction during both hot rolling and cold rolling.