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Recent Publications of Metal Pass (February-March 2008)


Li, B.: Compared Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Forming Technical Parameters in Shape Rolling with Example of the Hot Rolling of Angle Steels

Abstract: Thermomechanical FEM Simulation for the hot rolling of angle steel in six pass was carried out. Capability of the FEM in predicting various forming parameters was demonstrated. Predicted results, including local metal flow, were verified with the measurement in rolling tests. The verificatiion indicates a high accuracy of the model prediction.

Part 1: FEM Simulation Technique for the Hot Rolling of Angle Steels.
Part 2: Forming Technical Paramaters from the FEM Analysis.
Part 3: Varification of the Simulation Results by Comparison with Experimental Measurement.

Total pages: 60

3 Li, B.: Thermomechanical FEM Simulation of steel wire rod rolling in a round-oval pass sequence

Abstract/Contents: Simulation technique on thermomechanical FEM Simulation in a RD-OV and OV-RD passes was discussed. Local parameters such as strain, stress, temperature, microstructure, etc. were displayed. Predicted geometry, such as width, was validated by that of rolling test.
Total pages: 20
4 Prediction of temperature profile of steel rod during water box cooling with finite differential method

Abstract/Contents: Finite differential method is introduced to formulate the temperature profile over the steel rod cross-section. A program was developed for the calculation.
Total pages: 10