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Development of Combined Level 2 System and Property Prediction Model
For Production Stability and New Product Development

(Extended Summary)


Bingji Li,Ph,D
 Metal Pass LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Email: bli@metalpass.com,
Phone (China): 13400064848

A special procedure for accurate prediction of rolled steel property was developed. A combination of property prediction model with microstructure-based Level 2 system greatly improves performance of the both models. For Level 2 system, integration of microstructure and property models increases prediction accuracy. This improves and stablizes both the shape and property of the finish product. For product property prediction models, online measurement and intelligent learning enhances the model accuracy. The prediction accuracy is always the main problem that restricts the usefulness of most property prediction packages.

An effort was made to apply the high accurate property prediction model in Chinese steel companies for new product development. However, there is a problem. Investigation with 6 top Chinese steel producers indicated that most steel mills have an issue of process and property instability. This means with the same incoming slab and same process parameters, mechanical property of outgoing product varies a great deal. Therefore, it requires that the Level 2 system be improved in advance, or at least parellel with the property prediction model. It seems the way to solve the low-accuracy issue of the property prediction model is to perform joined Level 2 model improvement, i.e. to integrate microstructure based metallurgical model into the Level 2 system.

This paper first illustrates the related model development done by the author in the past 20 years in Germany and US. The development involves mainly three stages, described below. (1) Metal Pass Model Foundation development, with over 100 model sets in three groups: metal flow, force and power, and microstructure and rolled steel properties. The development in this stage integrated a great number of the rolling tests results, such as a 15-years rolling test series in Germany, a 5-yesrs rolling test research in Morgan, USA, and worldwide data collection from mills around the world conducted in Morgan, for example, a three-month onsite data collection from former ASW in Cleaveland, USA. The author served as senior engineer of Morgan on mill model development. (2) Development of the new-generation Level 2 system by applying the completed foundation models and by improving intelligent learning. The work involves upgrading several leading Level 2 packages to integrate microstructure-based metallurgical models in them. The development was carried out in the past 15 years in several steel plants such as Oregon Steel in USA and NISCO in China. (3) Integration of advanced software engineering into the Level 2, such as uninterrupted upgrade and mill-version of the Windows.

Then, this paper reveals integration of microstructure and product property models with the new-generation Level 2. For example, intelligent learning through measured hot strength pass by pass, can be used to track grain size evolution and finally, the cold strength, i.e. rolled steel property.

Finally, Application of new-generation Level 2 and property prediction software in the new product development is discussed in details, including new steel-grade development and alloy use reduction, high grade product production, production process stabilization, strip/plate shape improvement, and yield increase and so on.

Keywords: Level 2 Upgrade, Level 2 Accuracy, Microstructure Model, Product Quality

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