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Structural Steel ASTM Grades and Chemistry - Plate and Shape
  This article discusses classification, chemistry and steel grades for the structural steels, especially for those to produce steel plates and shapes. A general description on each class is covered. The ASTM-approved steel materials standards for plates and hot-rolled shapes, A36, A529, A572, A242, A588, A709, A852, A514, A913 and A992, are introduced. Use of chemical elements in those ASTM grades is also briefly discussed. <Read in Full>
Alloying Elements in Steel (4) – Element Reference Part 1
The Iron-Carbon system is with a high complexity. The addition of alloy elements in the iron-carbon system makes the system more complex. In this two-section element reference, the effects of about 20 selected elements in the steels are discussed. This paper is the first section of the reference. <Read in Full>

Alloying Elements in Steel (1) - Basics
Alloying element have the greatest influence on the steel. Chromium (Cr) makes steel hard whereas nickel (Ni) and manganese (Mn) make it tough. Alloying elements are added to the steel so that the steel satisfies various requirements, such as: environmental, mechanical, thermal… <Read in Full>

Stainless Steels (1) - Austenitic
Corrosion resistance of stainless steel alloys is aided by the extent of chromium content. Another key element that is often added to the stainless steels is nickel. Stainless steels generally are divided into three classes: austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic. This article mainly shows how austenitic grades are produced by adding certain element(s) from a base grade in a class. <Read in Full>

Structural steel Metallurgical Characteristics and Properties
Structural steel consists of plates, shapes, hollow structural sections and pipes, etc. This article covers several key issues on the steel quality, such as metallurgical characteristics, mechanical properties and weldability. Preferred grain structures are ferrite and pearlite rather than martensite. The common measure of weldability is the carbon equivalent (CE). Particular attentions are paid to mechanical properties such as tensile properties, fracture toughness and hardness. <Read in Full>

本人实际调试热轧二级西门子模型系统几年,之后赴美国TMEIC联合编程近一年,回国后,一直在现场分析研究和实际调试TMEIC二级控制系统及模型;对TMEIC二级控制系统、轧线跟踪非常精通,对模型很熟练,正在逐步解析之中;建立一QQ群,供大家交流,QQ群号:320927840 <Read in Full>

 Types of Alloy Steels

 Carbon Equivalence for Iron and Steels

 Phase Transformation in Cast Iron

 Introduction to Tool Steels (1) - General

 Introduction to Tool Steels (2) - Cold Working Tool Steels

 Introduction to Tool Steels (3) - Hot Working Tool Steels

 Introduction to Tool Steels (4) - High-speed Tool Steels

 Introduction to Tool Steels (5) - Carbon and Low-Alloy Tool Steels

 Introduction to Tool Steels (6) - Water-hardening and Shock-resisting

 Stainless Steels (2) - Ferritic

 Stainless Steels (3) - Martensitic and Others

 Phase Transformation in Steels

 Alloying Elements in Steel (2) - Alloying Effects

 Alloying Elements in Steel (3) – Purpose and Consideration

 Alloying Elements in Steel (5) – Element Reference, Part 2

 Alloying Elements in Steel (6) – Element Reference, Part 2

 Steel R&D Roadmap: Product Properties, Containers

 Steel R&D Roadmap: Automotive

 Steel R&D Roadmap: Construction

 Structural Steel Grades for Hollow Sections, Pipes and others

 Steel Pipes Tubes Manufacturers Suppliers India


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 asset tracking software barcode, by barcodes software, from http://www.barcodelabelsoftware.net/barcodelabelsoftware/inventory-barcode-maker.html.

 Steel Pipes Tubes Manufacturers Suppliers India, by hariom, from http://www.hariompipes.com/.

 Steel Stockholders, by Dave Langden, from http://www.steelstockholdersbristol.co.uk.

 Firesleeve(Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeve).

 Stainless Steel Plate, by Andy.

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