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Roll Pass Design

Roll, Groove and Pass Schedule Design

Pipe/Tube Rolling  (Ask a question)

The primary consultant, Dr. Benjamin Li earned his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. all on steel rolling and completed a number of projects on the steel pipe/tube rolling. Steel pipe/tube rolling, especially the seamless pipe/tube rolling, is one of the major forms of the steel rolling. Steel pipe/tube rolling covers about one third of the steel rolling contents besides flat rolling and bar/shape rolling. In his B.S. graduation design, Dr. Benjamin Li, under the direction of the then dean Professor Lu, an expert on the steel tube/pipe rolling, completed the roll pass schedule design for the first Chinese tension-reducing piper rolling mill. The pass schedule used the tension to control the pipe wall thickness. Dr. Li also spent three weeks in the pipe rolling mill to test the roll pass schedule. In addition, during the college study and the work as a college teacher on steel rolling, Dr. Li spent about six months in the mills for study and teaching, one third of which was in the steel pipe/tube mills.

Our good understanding on metal deformation in the roll gap and our numerous roll pass projects and developments provide us with ability for the roll pass design for the steel pipe/tube rolling.

We also have analysis tools such as FEM and FDM to determine the metal flow, force and power and temperature during the pipe and tube rolling.

See project reference list Rolling Mill Project List References.

Flat Rolling  (Ask a question)

For those mills without Level 2 system, the rolling draft schedule can be generated in the traditional way just like the roll pass design for the shape rolling (rod, bar, section, etc.). In this case, we can develop roll pass scheduling program in an exact fit to the steel plant, ranging from a simple tool to a large scale Level 2 model. In general we would suggest that the three basic features for the roll pass scheduling program be particularly useful: (1) accurate prediction of roll separating force; (2) basic algorithms for scheduling draft based on the force and finish shape requirements; and (3) basic feature to store the satisfied schedule for future use/reference. Our expertise in both the roll pass design and Level 2 model development will guarantee your satisfaction. You are also guaranteed to save and make large sum of money.

Metal Pass Resources on Roll Pass  (Ask a question)

Examples of Metal Pass resources available for roll pass consulting are as follows:

Metal Pass has dozens of research reports and some software applications available at no charge for the Metal Pass Consulting clients.


Please contact us via email admin@metalpass.com or by phone (001) 503 516 9625 for top quality consulting services.

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