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Save Money with Better Tech

Mill Software Development and Improvement

Metal Pass, with dozens years of experiences on steel mills, develops and improves steel mill software based on the plant use cases, user scenarios and by applying accurate mill process models. See
primary consultant profile and a paper Development of Model-Intensive Web-based Rolling Mill Applications (presented in AISTech 2009).

Roll pass software Development  (Ask a question)

  • Web-based roll pass design software. Metal pass has developed a long list of steel mill model-based applications. A summary of the applications is available.

  • Proposals for the development of the roll pass design software for the rolling of the Flat Bar.

  • Proposal for the development of the roll pass design software for the rolling of the Half Round, Fins and other special bars.

  • We are also looking for industrial partner(s) to develop Enterprise Roll Pass Software. See Proposal Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and  Part 4.

  • Microstructure prediction during steel rolling and cooling

Industrial Automation System Development  (Ask a question)

See Mill Automation System Development and Improvement.

Level 2 Model Development  (Ask a question)

  • Flow stress model development

  • Force prediction model during rolling

  • Roll deformation models: flattening and deflection, etc.

  • One Preliminary Proposal for Camber Problem Solution is showed as example.

  • Temperature prediction model for the heat treatment reheating furnace

Level 3 Model Development  (Ask a question)

  • Prediction of rolled product properties. Process models and system learning will be combined. For example, the grain size at the entrance of the controlled water cooling in the run-out table can be used as learning parameter. A proposal for the package development is available: Prediction of Rolled Steel Properties.

  • Slab size optimization and slab grade optimization

  • Program to schedule major production setpoints (maximum/minimum draft for roughing and finishing passes, dropout temperatures, hold temperatures, hold times, etc.)

Metallurgical Model Development  (Ask a question)

Mill Process Model Development (offline)  (Ask a question)

  • Roll bending and bending force prediction: to be used for our consulting activity to fully utilize your roll bending equipment. By better using your roll bending, we may increase your draft in the finish passes to improve your rolled steel properties and product shape.

  • Roll deflection: caused by roll force, to be compensated by roll crown, roll bending, etc.

  • Roll crown: combination of the roll ground crown, thermal crown, roll wear, etc.

  • Stand deflection

  • Roll separating force: those for rod/bar rolling process is available in Mill Load section of this site; the others will come soon.

  • Prediction of center buckle and edge wave: When the difference of the drafts in the strip width middle and the edges is over a certain limited, center buckle or/and edge wave start to form. Our model provides this limit for various materials and various rolling conditions.

  • Formability: We have formability model based on the material (grade) and forming conditions.

  • Flow stress model. We'll soon put the 6,000 sets of the flow stress models online in this site. They are developed during a plate mill Level 2 model optimization project. In addition, we will let you calculate the flow stress coefficients yourselves with our web-based applications.

General Engineering Applications Development  (Ask a question)

  • Application to display AutoCAD drawing. We have developed a web-based application to display AutoCAD drawing in the company's intranet for a steel plant.

  • Application to display Excel documents on the company's intranet. We developed such an application for a steel mill.

Related Resources  (Ask a question)

Metal Pass has dozens of research reports and some software applications available at no charge for the Metal Pass Consulting clients (under approval by Dr. Benjamin Li).

See the profile for the primary consultant Dr. Benjamin Li. You may also view our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email admin@metalpass.com or by phone (001) 503 516 9625 for top quality consulting services.


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