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Save Money with Better Tech

Mill Automation System Development and Improvement

Level 2 System for EAF, LMF, Caster, Baghouse, etc.
  (Ask a question)

Steel mill meltshop Level 2 supervisory systems project is the earliest automation software project we completed. We can customize our design and development to fit your shop environment, or we can improve your current Level 2 system based on our concept and development. See a short introduction of the Level 2 projects.

  • EAF Level 2: Besides data collection, data communication and modeling, there are also some advanced features such as change of grade before a heat is completed.

  • LMF Level 2: May be hosted in the same server of the EAF Level 2 depending on the manufacture practice.

  • Caster Level 2: Besides the common features, there is an excellent visual tool for the cutting lineup, as well as the further metallurgy in the Level 2 logics, etc.

  • Baghouse Level 2: We can develop a Level 2 system for you in two days!  This is very simple in design but with sufficient features for data collection and data communication, etc.

Level 2 System for Steel Rolling Mills  (Ask a question)

  • Level 2 system for plate mill with steckle furnace. This is one of our primary Level 2 system development areas. We may customize our development, based on the improvements of current Level 2 systems in the market, to your mill practice.

  • Strip mill Level 2 systems. We have developed a list of the modules for the strip mill Level 2 systems, both for the hot mill and for the cold mill. We can customize the rest modules based on the plate mill Level 2 system we have. One of the major differences for those systems is the Level 2 model. However, we have one of the best models to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Level 2 system for rod, bar and section mills. The earliest Level 2 project, the meltshop Level 2 systems, have been customized and applied in a H-beam rolling mill built by SMS-Demag. Currently, the data collection and data communication features for most Level 2 systems are quite similar and thus the Level 2 systems can be customized for each other. The models in the shape rolling mills (rod, bar and section mills) are still very simple, maybe because it is too hard for the industry to create sophisticated model similar to those for flat rolling. We in Metal Pass, as a leader in the mill modeling, feel our duty to fill this gap.

  • Strip, plate and coil shape control system development. One Preliminary Proposal for Camber Problem Solution is showed as example.

  • Heat treating furnace temperature prediction and process improvement system. We have a 10-page proposal available per request via admin@metalpass.com.

  • Development and improvement for the controlled cooling Level 2 system. See Accelerated controlled cooling (ACC) model for details.

  • Development and improvement for the reheating furnace Level 2 system. See Reheating furnace models for details.

  • We have developed a remote Mill Diagnosis System (MDS) to diagnose your Level 2 model quality. This is a great money-saving tool to improve your Level 2 model. If you want more, we could do some remote monitor by person; if you still want further improvement, we as one of the best Level 2 model consultants are here for you.

Level 3 System for Steel Rolling Mills  (Ask a question)

Our work areas in Level 3 automation system development/improvement include model-based production scheduling, prediction and improvement of rolled steel properties, and slab selection, slab optimization (both size and grade) and slab management systems.

  • Prediction of rolled steel properties. We are developing a program package to predict rolled product properties. Process models and system learning will be combined. For example, the grain size at a certain stage point is used as learning parameter. A keynote for the package development, Prediction of Rolled Steel Properties, is available.

  • Slab Management System. We have such a system hosted in this site. It is designed based on the slab management and providing practices of several plate rolling mills, primarily with purchased slabs.

  • Slab size optimization and slab grade optimization. These are two critical optimization systems accompanied with the Slab Management System.

New Level 2 System Development  (Ask a question)

We are an industry leader in the Level 2 system architecture with the most current software engineering technologies (such as SOA) and modeling technologies (e.g. neural network + Expert system hybrid learning). Our recent developments and concepts have been published in the major industry conferences (AIST, MS&T, etc.).

For more information, see Level 2 System Development and three related documents:

Other Applications for Steel Rolling Mills  (Ask a question)

See Mill Software Development and Improvement.


Metal Pass Resources for Mill Automation System Development
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Metal Pass Work List - Mill Related Projects (over 100 projects)

     1.  Level 2 Development
     2.  Level 2 Support
     3.  Mechanical properties improvement
     4.  Mill Application Development
     5.  Productivity Improvement
     6.  Rolling and Roll Pass Development
     7.  Rolling Process Modeling - Numerical
     8.  Rolling Process Modeling - Empirical
     9.  Shape and yield improvement
    10. Web and Web Resource

Technical papers created/published in the February - March 2008.

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See the profile for the primary consultant Dr. Benjamin Li. You may also view our company and personnel profiles. Please contact us via email admin@metalpass.com or by phone (001) 503 516 9625 for top quality consulting services.


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