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Rolling Mill Excel Document Management and Data Populating

This application was developed under request of the Rolling Mill Department for the purpose of manage the file category and populate Excel data on a Read-Only basis. Direct linking with HTML code requires all client computers to install Excel program to be able to read the data. In addition, if a directory is assigned read privilege for certain people, then all the files in that directory would by default be exposed. The department needs to have the documents only with one copy (to avoid version problem), and only certain people have the privilege to read certain files while all files lie in the same directory. So the web-based application was designed to manage the file under different category. File information, such as file name, category, sheet name, etc. was registered into an Access database. Under selection and privilege control, the file name and sheet name are passed to the program, so that the data is displayed in the web form rmdata.aspx. In this stage, the application takes the Excel file as a database, and the sheet name as data table. So with help of ADO .Net, the data can be populated into a data grid, as displayed in the figure below.




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